Top Ten Comfort Foods

1. Campbell's Vegetable Soup or Tomato Soup, with saltine crackers broken into the bowl.

2. Strawberry Jam sandwich. That's just the jam, no PB. on Wonder Bread, natch. Otherwise it's health, not comfort.

3. Fudgesicle. 'nuf said.

4. Hot Chocolate with or without marshmallows, with or without whipped cream (but preferably with).

5. Snickerdoodles. They make my stomach ache after a while, but I love 'em anyway.

6. Graham Crackers and milk. Dip the GC into the milk and taste the golden goodness.

7. Chocolate milkshake from the little drugstore counter place in Berkeley.

8. Oreos. Preferably Double Stuff. As much "stuff" as I can get.

9. Rolos.

10. Sliced bananas with milk and some sugar sprinkled on top.

Holy Smokes! Do I have a sweet tooth or what??? Notice that no where on the list is carrots, celery, skinless chicken or whole wheat anything? Wonder why I have a hard time losing weight.

1 comment:

Lunasea said...

Mmmm. A few weeks ago I bought a box of graham crackers with the express intent of dipping them in milk. Mmmmm. They seem to fall apart more easily than I remember, though.

Haven't sprinkled sugar on the bananas in milk; gotta try that.

Where's the potato chips and cottage cheese?????