Diet Coke is a health food

Really. I've had this very strange chest pain for a couple of years - I knew it wasn't really anything having to do with my heart - I have no risk factors, my cholesterol is shamefully low for my age, I'm not overweight (not underweight, either...), etc. etc., plus it just didn't really feel like cardiac stuff, and I didn't have the typical other symptoms.

Anyway - after going through several tests to make sure it wasn't my heart, we've decided it's probably some kind of
chondritis. So I looked that up and found that low phosphorus can cause this kind of pain. My symptoms match roughly when I stopped drinking Diet Coke (better for my health, you know). I used to drink several diet cokes a day... and haven't had more than one diet coke a week in several years. Diet Coke has phosphorus in the form of phosphoric acid. They don't sell phosphorus at Longs. But they do sell Diet Coke. Get your daily allowance of phosphorus today.

Diet Coke is a health food.

I rest my case.

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Lunasea said...

Look at you posting links and everything! Yep, Diet Coke is good for you. I rarely have chest pains.