Home decor, 4 y/o style

We found these in our well worn hallway recently, so "dey could help us to don't get lost!"

edited note (I can't seem to get this Picasa to blogger thing to work right so the right caption is with the right picture. It looks fine in the preview!... I'm giving up right now, but might just be back to try again. AAArgh.)
edited again - at least I have the right captions with the right pictures now - what a pain. Gonna have to go get me a different photo service or something...

This note tells us which direction to go - we always get lost in this intersection between bedroom door and bathroom.

And sometimes a white (cream, really) wall just needs a little gingerbread lady to spice things up.

This wall needed a bandaid. Not sure why, but it's true this particular hallway has seen its share of bumps and bruises.

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Here's another directional device. I think it had a prior life as a sombrero, but I can't be sure...

Anyone know a good housepainter?


Lunasea said...

I see a future as a tour guide. Or a cartographer.

Beastarzmom said...

or someone who wears a sombrero.

Sarah O. said...

b-starzmom, is this a wild coincidence? I know you from Lunasea's blog yet I just read a post you wrote on Christobol's blog.

I know luna's blog from, um, I really don't remember. I know C-bol from Dave Barry's blog.

Anyway, my mind is reeling from the mystery connection.

I don't comment on your blog very often but it is on my list of faves.

Beastarzmom said...

Pretty odd how this blogosphere works isn't it? I too, found C-bol from Dave Barry, and have certainly seen your comments on my l'il sis' blog! Big world... and yet so small!
But welcome! See you around.