How many of you have a lascivious daughter?

According to Mark Collins, writing for the Daily Camera in Boulder, my daughter can pull off "lascivious". How many of you can say that? And how many of you would brag about that?
Heh heh... (put whatever accent you want to that!)

(Heavily paraphrased, because after all, it is MY blog and it is all about MY offspring.)

"The show boasts several terrific performances, ... [DDD] (as a lascivious Catesby)...
...Changing the gender of the Catesby character from male to female works due to [DDD]'s believable performance as an opportunistic hanger-on. ...
...Weitz's cast brings humor to the dark show in other unexpected places, such as in Catesby's sleazy flirtations..."

Yep, that's my gal - the sleazy, flirtatious, lascivious tragic comedian.

I'm so proud.

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