sigh. double sigh...

So if you visit my l’il sis’ blog as well as mine, you’ll already know her most recent news. It was bound to happen, but I can’t help being happy for her, sad for me. Far be it from me to even hint that moving is a bad idea – big sis and I are army brats and moved around most of our lives. Li’l sis came along after military retirement and spent her whole childhood and teen life in the same house. And her whole life in the Bay Area.

After getting married, we moved to El Paso for a year, traveled the country in a trailer for 3 years, then spent 5 years in the Chicago area, back to the SF Bay Area for a couple of years, then off again to Chicago for another 5 or 6. And all the moves were good ones, either financially, or personally. So we certainly have our own history of leaving all our loved ones and taking off. But having moved back 15 years ago now, and seen the departure of a big sis, little brother, little sis, (and all the nieces and nephews too) and finally parents from DH’s side, and big sis and father on my side, there are precious few of us left, and this pretty much wipes out our family presence here. DH has one brother firmly planted in the area. That’s it.

I knew, when we were the ones leaving and setting up lives elsewhere, that it sucked to be left behind, but geez – they all had the rest of the family when we left! Now we’re back and everyone else leaves. WHAT does that tell you?

That’s what I think too.



Lunasea said...

Believe me, it's very weird to be the one leaving. I've always been the one left behind (cue violins). By the way, we haven't heard from Major HMO despite several calls in to them, so it may be a very moot point.

Beastarzmom said...

Well, you know Major HMOs are as notorious as Major Consulting firms for the speed of their decision making. You may be waiting quite a while. I think they forget there are people with lives affected by these decisions... stupid corporations.

(don't say STOOOPID!)

(OK. I'm trying. But it's hard.)