From that same trip

Miss Confidence on her own, and then just HOW COOl is it to have a big brother and sister who dote on you?
(A: it is SUPER cool.)

This picture was taken shortly before a certain mother checked her 5 year old into the boards and split her lip open.

But that didn't get the same reaction as the father who was told these were the best sticks in the world and then absent mindedly threw them waaaaaaaay down the hillside.

Good thing we took happy pictures. We might be able to use them to convince her she really DID have a good time.

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Sarah O. said...

How sweet are these pictures?! Even the icy butt pix are sweet.

You've got the coolest family (Absolutely no pun intended)!

Broadway Bloopers said...

Hahahaha... She may believe that she had a great time on that trip, but something tells me she will have a hatred for sticks for the rest of her life and no idea why. Kind of like Luna and the Cricket.