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Is there a cuter thing than a children's choir at Christmas?
I don't think so...
(LK is front, right with the "beautiful cape"!)

For us, Birthday season follows Holiday season in close pursuit.

DDD loves her some ribs. You should not get in the middle of DDD and her ribs until AFTER she has filled her plate. Especially on her birthday.

We have a tradition of sorts where we decorate the bedroom doorway on "special" birthdays, specifically 5, 10 (double digits), 13 (teenager), 16 (sweet and all...), 18 (adult! well, sort of) and 21 (obvious, isn't it?).

Well, this year, we had some interior construction and remodeling going on and I could not find the crepe paper streamers.


So we papered BK's doorway with really cute young lady wrapping paper (which I totally intended to reuse, until he cut it to shreds so he wouldn't be so inconvenienced by the full sheet) proclaiming the manliness of this birthday.

And when you have back to back birthdays, you can celebrate them at a really nice restaurant (Ruth's Chris Steak House this year) together. (BK's GF is the additional kid there)

Can I just say I love my kids?

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Broadway Bloopers said...

And I love you... aside from the atrocious pictures you use of me on occasion. (see rib pic)