I'm not done yet!

Three for Three

BK submitted just 5 college applications, as opposed to the 15 or so his over-achieving gf submitted. They are all out of state. We have done something wrong. We have apparently raised a child in one location for nearly all his life so now he feels it's imperative to get the hell out of California! Seeing as how he is the only child we have not uprooted farther than 4 miles across town, this is new to us. and expensive.

He has heard from 3 of the 5 colleges. And ALL THREE SAID YES!!! I think we'll have to wait until March for the other two and hence, a decision, but here we go with location #1 (not necessarily in order of preference, because to my knowledge we don't have much of an order of preference just yet.)

University of Oregon

Benefits in that he has relatives about an hour away. His cousins went there and my niece's (Big Niece to those of you with ties to the other blog) husband, a.k.a Big Nephew, has season tickets to the Duck's games, making tailgate parties immediately accessible to him.

That's a pretty strong pull. But then there is the rain. So it's not one of the top two right now.

Indiana University in Bloomington
Looks pretty enough. But then, are you really going to take pictures when the place is all grey and ugly?

BK is taking a trip there March 10. I'm hoping there will still be enough snow and muck that he'll get a pretty good picture of a winter. California boys don't exactly know how to deal with that stuff when it stays around all the time.

Arizona State Universiaty
Last for now, and probably least overall, ASU Sun Devils would like him to join their student body. This was his "fall back" school, but again, there are relatives fairly nearby for a home cooked supper now and then and maybe a load of laundry. He's worried about the heat, but if he's not doing summer classes, I don't think he'll mind it much at all.
So there's the College Roundup as of February 2008. Two more answers to come, hopefully they will be acceptances and then a decision. So much to look forward to this year!


Sarah O. said...

Did he apply to CU? Hope so!

I lived in Chicago for decades and I can tell you, Indiana's weather isn't any better. Just sayin'.

Beastarzmom said...

yes, Penn State and CU are the holdouts. Not really caring what Penn State says, but we'd sure like to have CU in the choices!