That Darn Lunasea

Lunasea is my sister. And I love her like, well, a sister. Maybe even better than a sister, but I don't know what you'd call that. Not a wife, though I could use one. But I wouldn't pick Lunasea. I need the 1940s wife. The one who cleans and organizes and keeps the children happy and quiet and brings me the paper and a martini when I get home from work. Yeah. That one. That sounds nice. No wonder men weren't too happy with women's lib. I think I get it now.

But I digress. again. I do that alot.

A day or two ago, she has this little post about the "You Make My Day" award. It's very sweet and I love it that I make her day when I post (long pausing emphasis on the "when", maybe even including a heavy sigh...). I even take it in stride when she says I introduced her to the boogeyman.

note: I do NOT remember doing that! But I do, with a touch of shame, remember jumping off the couch once leaving her on it when a cricket which must have been at least a foot long showed up on top of the couch while I was babysitting... To my credit, I did manage to snatch her from the evil grasp of that cricket before it devoured her. Thank God for my ultimate courage.

So it was a nice thing, and like many other chain letters, it is wonderful in sentiment and all that.


and you knew I had a "but".

I don't do chain letters. I'm a pretty nice person, so people tend to think I'm a good one to include in their heartwarming fuzzy chains because I won't break them. They're wrong. Mostly I'm adept at simply clicking the little X at the top. Sometimes, if the chain is something I know or suspect and confirm as an urban legend, and they sent it to their entire list of contacts, I'll respond and tell them they sent out a hoax. Yes, I am that person. I do not, however, reply ALL to tell everyone they got bamboozled or spammed. I leave it to the sender to care or not.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to hell, or will never get another wish granted, or will never see that fabulous crazy thing that happens in 3 minutes after I send the message to 7 people. Yep, I will miss that special episode of my life.

So, I'm supposed to pay this forward. Award this to 5 other blogs which make my day. Actually, when this whole thing started, according to a few of the sites when I googled it, it was 10, so I suppose I should be happy we've gotten it down to 5.

The truth is - you ALL make my day. I can't believe how crazy happy I am to get a comment! (Thanks, mostly Lunasea and Sarah and sometimes Mama Lee!) I use my computer time to wind down, and it's really wonderful to read all of your posts - the funny, thoughtful, crazy, silly, witty and touching. Doesn't matter - they all warm my heart or my funny bone and they all make my day. Now that I've learned how to make a "link" over at the right, you can see some of the blogs that I really enjoy. (the list will grow - I promise. ... someday. it's kind of a "when" thing.) Even if I don't find the time to actually compose and type out a post, I seem to always find at least 3-4 days a week to read the bloggers I enjoy.

I'm not going to continue the chain. officially. I accept the title of chain letter poop. And I absolve each and every one of my handful of readers from having to pass it on. But if you want to, consider yourself "YMMD" awarded and run with it! I get a lot of the blogs I read from the links in yours and I thank you. You really do Make My Day.

So thank you, little sis, for the thought. And right back atcha.

But I did NOT tell you about the boogeyman...


Lunasea said...

Yes you did. You were threatening me about something but I don't remember what and I was really little and obviously profoundly affected by it.

I didn't mean to "tag" you - I don't do chains either, especially the ones that are all about "send this to everyone you care about blah blah blah", so I just "paid it forward" myself without specifically mentioning that you had to carry it on.

And whaddya mean you wouldn't pick me??? Sheesh.

Lunasea said...

Oh, and thanks for saving me from the Foot-Long Cricket. Don't remember it.

I do remember once Big Niece had a big cricket on her collar and I just screamed. Fortunately, Nene was there and got it off or I guess I would have had to do something.

Beastarzmom said...

so, do you really think you could be a 40's housewife and have dinner on the table and the kids spitshined and the martini and slippers ready? Yeah. Thought not.

That's why I'd choose you for my sister anyday. But not my wife.

For the record - the cricket really was about a foot long. I swear!

Sarah O. said...

Beastie, you're in my next round of YMMD. But since I plan to wait quite a long time to do that again, consider yourself honored by me.

Because you're cool and all that.

And hey, didn't you have a birthday recently? Happy birthday!