And now we return you to Halloween

For nearly a year, LK has wanted to be a Vampire Queen for Halloween. She has not varied from this goal the entire year. I can pinpoint it back to last Halloween when she was a very cute Minnie Mouse and saw the potential for blood and gore. I blame the 5th graders.

She still wanted to be a Vampire Queen even after I told her the story of M, who when he was 6 wanted to be a vampire. When I had him all dressed up and the make up on his face, I let him look in the mirror. He screamed and started crying. I tried to show him it was just make believe, but he scared himself so much that I quickly washed his face, found some jeans, a flannel shirt, a bandana and a cowboy hat. He made a great vampire - but you know? Somethings are just not worth it.

The other 1st grade girls? Very cute. Cheerleaders, Dorothy, Princesses, various animals and 50's girls. And one Vampire Queen.

Way to stick with your convictions, little one!


Lunasea said...

Awesome; A. approves. Too bad we didn't get them together - they could've been the vampire couple.

LemonySarah said...

You just know all the other girls now want to be a vampire queen!

Also, could you send me your email address? I've gotten it mixed up with somebody elses. Hoo boy, I bet she's gotten some emails from me that have made ZERO sense.