Are Quirky Tastes Inherited?

I can't wait. It's almost time to put up the Christmas decorations.
Now, lots of people love Christmas decorations, but it's not the typical tree and ornaments that I get all excited about.

I love putting my Anna Lee collection out on display.

I understand there really aren't that many people who share my affinity for these Anna Lee dolls. I set all my Anna Lee dolls out on table tops and floors and shelves and people (some in my own family) walk by and shake their head. They don't see the charm.

My kids know if they want to completely thrill me, a little Anna Lee doll will do it.
I agree with most of my critics that they're a little odd. A little quirky. I think that's what I love most about them. They have a personality. I'm sure I get this from my mother. She also loved these dolls, and I'm not sure if I love them because she convinced me of their charm or that came from me. Either way, I know I have some quirky tastes and I think they might be hereditary.

That way I can blame it all on Mom.

Thanks, Mom!

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Broadway Bloopers said...

Well I like 'em......

Wait. I think that might prove your point.