The Bane of my Fall

This starts in August, continues through the college season and then we have the college BOWL picks.

ESPN, this is a case of love/hate. You (and various members of our family) have turned college football into an obsession. Three years ago, if we didn't know Louisiana beat Florida, we didn't care. Now we not only care, we need to keep track of who else cares and how many points are available for us to move up in the standings and whether with this pick we can move ahead of a certain other player. (By "us" and "we", I mean in the royal sense, since it certainly affects me even though I seem to have the good sense to remain uninvolved directly) It also instigates some pretty good smack talk, though I think with the political debates flying around this fall, that smack talk has fallen off a bit this year. Wait till 2009.

Love: I love it that DH has such a good time with this. He's totally involved (read, OBSESSED) with it and has weekly conversations with brothers, children and nephews that he typically doesn't talk to that much. That's good stuff. He goes out of his way to make sure the two kids we have playing get their picks in before the deadline. He was never that responsible with checking on their homework!

Hate: I hate it that DH is so completely involved that he is always checking the scores, standings, etc during otherwise completely enjoyable events. His focus is always on his i-phone where he can get the latest from the internet. OK maybe I hate Apple just a little too for making this possible.

See, I'm not looking at the phone in my hand, I swear. I'm watching the little one. Watch, I'll put it back in my pocket now. Really.

This is the bane of my Fall - but I have winter to get reacquainted with him.

Oh wait - that's the college basketball pick'em time. Damn.

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Broadway Bloopers said...

Where was he a week and a half ago??? I guess after I was washed out of the competition he forgot about his DDD.

BTW- that picture is so hilariously accurate. Love it.