Beagroomzmom gets all Crafty and stuff

I got to be crafty for the last second wedding we had on November 1. Yes, a wedding can be thrown together in less than a week, and it can turn out nice, and it can even have some handmade favors.

I took two Hershey Kisses (awwww...) laid them flat end to flat end
wrapped them in blue cellophane and attached them to florists wire with green florist tape. I would have put green leaves on them, but the theme, such as it was, was blue and silver.

I added the little Thank you for sharing our special day note with a little vellum cover to the flower with a little blue ribbon.

Do you think anyone noticed that the hole the ribbon went through was in the shape of a heart? yeah, probably not. But I thought it was cute.

Strategically place them in the napkin at each plate. Ta DA! Wedding favor.

Also - can I just say how irritating it is that the "preview" in Blogger does not look anything like the real product? It must take me 10 times publishing to get these things lined up decently. And I don't even try to make it pretty. Does anyone else have that problem, or is it just me? I might be just a teensy bit crafty, but I'm apparently not nearly enough techy...
(oh, and btw - I give up. there must be a better way)


Lunasea said...

I noticed the little heart punch-out! And congrats for taking pictures while you're creating the craft - that's sort of like a blogging crafter's rite of passage.

I just give each photo its own space. Otherwise they go all funky. Don't even try to type next to the photo.

Beastarzmom said...

See - you think I actually MEAN to type next to the picture! I just put them all on their own, and they get all weird. If I had a million extra hours, I'd try a new hosting system. But I don't, so I'll just suffer through. fooey.

LemonySarah said...

I also noticed the tiny heart. What a lovely project!

I use Flickr. It's not free and it's a tiny bit more involved than the Blogger photo system but I like it much, much better overall.

And goodness, you're blogging a LOT these days! I love it!