Another celebration. Why not?

Today is Adoption day, otherwise known as "Gotcha" day.

I decided now that LK is starting to understand and even talk about being adopted, I wanted to start a new tradition with her where we would go and have a fancy lunch on adoption day. With tablecloths and dressing up and all that high-falutin'-ness. Something we just don't do much of at all... I would pick her up at school at lunch time and we'd take BART into the city and go to some fancy schmancy place. Just us. And maybe DH if he could.

Here's one side of the conversation:

"We're gonna do WHAT?"

"Why again?"

"You know, sometimes I like hamburgers."

"How about we don't go to OUR Taco Bell - how about we go to one that's far away?"

"I like that place where they give you balls of dough and they have that machine." (El Machino at Chevy's fine and fancy Tex Mex...)

"But I want to go play with my friends."

"I NEVER get to play with my friends."

"I think I don't want to go somewhere where we have to get on a freeway."

"I already had lunch."

We settled on the cafe at our nearby Nordstrom's. Not exactly tablecloths, but maybe we'll work up to that.


Lunasea said...

ROFL. I can totally see her being like, "Why would we do THAT?"

LemonySarah said...

Oh, you've got a spirited one! Also, you brought back memories of dragging the kids, who didn't want to eat out anywhere, to lunch at Nordstrom. They weren't happy there either but at least I'd get a new pair of shoes to ease the pain.

Beastarzmom said...

She never did quite get the point of the exercise, but I suppose it was as good a starting point as any... Only damn - why didn't I go look at the shoes? What a great idea. It would have made it all worthwhile!