How I know I'm exhausted.

- I drove by 2640 College Ave and went at least a mile past it before I knew I'd gone too far.
- I was sitting next to a neighbor and friend of mine at a show today and could not come up with her name.
- I had to back up my audiobook several times because I kept losing my concentration.
- No interest in cake or anything else with an ounce of sugar.
- No interest in food of any kind.
- one word: Crankypants.
- Can't sleep.

It's aggravating.

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Lunasea said...

You know what works? That 4-hour chlortrimeton allergy medicine - just enough drowsiness to get to sleep, but without the groggy hangover of Benadryl. I always keep it on hand. I hate being exhausted and not being able to sleep.

You know what else works? A trip to Hawaii. Hope you get some rest soon!