I have too much to blog!

M&M are moving out of their apartment. I took G. for them while they cleaned and got a decent night's sleep. Then I went with M. to have pictures taken of little G. on Sunday. The first picture was the only one where he really smiled. But that one picture was totally worth it. The boys were moving the last of the stuff to storage, but were able to meet up with us by the time we were picking out the package, and that was fun too.

Apparently LK thought that whole process was fun, so she created a photo shoot of her own, using our semi-adopted dog, Zen. What a trooper that dog is. I posted the full album on facebook, but just imagine every type of sporting equipment we might have and then a little more and you have the idea of the photo shoot. Great idea!

And then, last night LK decided to make dinner for us. She made nachos, warmed up leftover pizza and we were not to touch these buns until we were completely done.

When we were really really done, this is what we got inside the buns:

Gotta love it.

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Broadway Bloopers said...

That may be the best dinner I've ever seen.