And the Birthday Season Ends

There are plenty of family birthdays throughout the year, but mid November - mid February are so particularly painful joyful as they encompass every one of my immediate-immediate family birthdays and Christmas (and nearly all the plain old immediate ones too) that once LK has her birthday in mid February I am completely birthday'd out. You should see my calendar - it's ridiculous.

It used to be that I could sort of relax in early January, since the only immediate family birthday to plan any kind of celebration for was my own, but with the addition of LK, I must carry on with my primary birthday celebrator duties until today. I don't really mind, because I truly love birthdays, but I get pretty wiped out. Just not as young as I used to be, I guess.

So today is LK's 7th birthday. She would celebrate by riding her brand new gorgeous bike (one that actually fits her) around the neighborhood if it weren't raining cats and dogs outside. Can't complain, because we need the rain badly, but it does make the excitement of a new bike dim just a bit. But we've got some family and friends coming over to have some pizza with us this evening, and she's invited her beloved teacher, so she's one happy birthday girl.

Enjoy your special day, not-so-little one. I love watching you grow up. I love the tenderness you show your nephew, even if his parents get a little uncomfortable by it. I love that you continue to develop a relationship with your biological siblings, and that you cherish it. I love that you love your other big brothers and sister more than just about anything in the whole wide world. I love the happiness in your face when you see them after a long time apart. I don't always love the resistance and stubborness you show me frequently, but I understand that both of those qualities will be important for you in coming years. I love watching you play soccer and other sports that you love. I love the snuggles when we read stories or watch a movie together. And most of all, I love you.

Happy Birthday.

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LemonySarah said...

Seven years old already? Gad, time flies. Happy birthday, beautiful LK!