How old am I again?

All this birthday and holiday talk.
I have to remember how old I am again.

I have a confession:

I have a crush. Maybe it's a mommy crush. Nothin' romantic about it - I just think this kid is SO FREAKIN CUTE! I love his Disney movies - I even watch the HSM movies willingly because HELLO - Corbin BLEU!!!

And now I find out he will be doing a little mini-concert after the High School Musical on Ice show THAT I ALREADY HAVE TICKETS TO!!!!!

OMG!!! Best keep me a few rows back and chair nearby so I won't hurt anyone when I faint.

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LemonySarah said...

My latest crush is Robert Pattinson. I've even had one of THOSE dreams about him!

Ugh, I've become a Dirty Old Lady.