eulogy for a cell phone

got this email from the DDD...

(gospel music plays in the background as the weeping woman comes to the podium,
hankerchief in hand. Soft spoken, she cries-)
Oh Cell phone.
You were a good cell phone. ne'er a strange noise or dropped call or false
signal. ne'er an inappropriate ring or buzz was heard from you. And yet, we
knew you would leave us- who knew it would be so soon. Our thoughts and
prayers are with you in that high tech heaven in the sky. Keep ringing that
happy tune "collide... do do do doo do... do do do doo do... finally find you
and I collide..." yes my friend. yes. we do collide, forever, in my mind.
cell phone de [DDD]
4/11/05- 3/10/06 RIP

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