Good bye Doc docs

As kids grow, their vocabulary changes and cute little toddlerisms give way to adult language. I do realize I wouldn't want to hear a 40 year old woman saying she would like a doc doc, but it's always a little sad when little people grow out of those cute little words they hear.

LK: I would like a doc doc please.

me: OK. You and I will both get doc docs.

LK: Mommmmm, I SAID I would like a HHHHHot Doggg.

me: Ohhh, this makes me sad - I'm going to miss the doc docs.

LK: Mommmmm, you MEAN, HHHHot Doggggsss.

me: No, I'm going to miss you saying doc doc!

LK: You mean HHHHot Doggg.

me: Yep - that's just what I mean.

The only hope for the future is that now we get into mixed up sayings (oh yeah, that's me), goofed up song lyrics and the rest of that fun stuff. I was recently reminded of M at a similar age singing "He flies through the air with the greatest dummies. Sharing your man on the flying trapeze." Very comforting that the humor does not end.

But I really am going to miss the doc docs.

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