American Idol Relief

Have you EVER seen anyone so happy to finally be released from a show???!!!

That poor dude has been trying to get voted off for at least 3 weeks. He looked miserable in where were they? Las Vegas? Have to say, I still liked him, and I didn't think his "I Shot the Sheriff" was all that bad, but it was certainly time for him to go.

We're watching A.I. this year - the first year we've ever actually watched it. But we have our technique. I can't stand Ryan Seacrest, and I'm not particularly fond of the judges, but I like the "kids". So we DVR it (like Tivo) and then speed through it, watching only the performances and then only the elimination. Takes about 10 minutes to watch a 2 hour program. Perfect. (except sometimes just to be ornery, DH will go out of his way to play and replay Ryan's "THIS is American Idol" which grates on me like fingernails on a chalkboard. - the drawback of DVR.)

Predictions? Everyone seems to think it will be a David/David finale. Could actually happen this time, since that would be a tough one to call. Either David with Syesha, and we all know who's going to be the next A.I. That girl is going places, though. I think we'll see her on Broadway, or at the very least, on tour. She may end up the most successful of the bunch this year, though she won't end up winning.

OK I'm done. Haven't watched this much TV in years!

edited to add: I just LOVE this guy!

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Sarah O. said...

This is our second year watching AI. We do the same TiFaux thing, which makes the show much more tolerable.

Your boyfriend Ryan Seacrest said last week that the top three contestants were less than one million votes apart - given that tiny spread, I think anything can happen.

He's a bit sappy for my tastes but I think David A. is the best new singer I've heard in years, so I'd like to see him win. But then, the best singers don't always win, as everyone knows.

And Jason Castro? He's adorable but it was way past time for him to go. I'd like to see him in a "Harold & Kumar" type movie. He's got the classic charming stoner thing DOWN.