Help! PC or Mac?

OK - High school senior graduating. Want to buy a laptop for next year.

Sr. dude wants a Mac (duh). We're trying to figure out if it's worth the extra money. School says Mac operating systems aren't the problem they once were with the school systems, so it's a toss up. They do issue a very nice warning about VISTA, so if it's a PC - we need to get it fast so we can get it with XP still on it.

So help me out bloggyfriends - Mac or PC?

btw - went on the apple website and spent WAY too much time enjoying the ads - they have one very good ad firm!

*thanks to pjlighthouse.com for the image!


Lunasea said...

Tough one. I would love a mac but there's always a compatibility issue - so many online programs don't work on a Mac.

BTW, what else does Sr. Dude want for graduation?

Sarah O. said...

Mac. Mac. Mac. I love my Mac. And Macs are so cool. Even in Indiana.

Broadway Bloopers said...

This is J and I'm here to say MAC ALL THE WAY!!! They are 100% worth the extra money (which you make back in saving on care expense - take it to the Mac store and the Mac Geniuses will fix it - geniuses!)and are reliable and safe.

I heart Mac and he will too.
My sister is getting a Mac for graduation because I made my parents buy her one. If I have any influence here you'll make the right decision.

(If I was standing in front of you, I would start a slow clap for the Mac)