We interrupt this program

to bring you some Senior Ball sweetness.

The painting on the car windows was part of the "asking" activity. The two of them go to different schools and this was her school's Sr. Ball, so she had to do the asking.

But he does a pretty good job of CUTE too - early the morning of the ball, he and I got up at 5 am and set out a red carpet for her from her door to the car. It was not easy!

(and it looked better before people started walking all over it... but then, I suppose a red carpet is supposed to be walked on. oh well.)

I know, I'm predjudiced.
BTW - she just decided she's going to Dartmouth. She narrowed her choices down to Notre Dame and Dartmouth. Cripes. So who gets admitted into Notre Dame and DOESN'T GO????
Those who also get admitted into Dartmouth, apparently.

atsa my boy.
my little boy.
my little premie.
my Hoosier. Yes - he also made his decision. He's going to Indiana.


Sarah O. said...

Oh my, they do grow up fast. Does this leave you with only one at home?

So he decided on Indiana! I've known lots of people who went there and they all rave about the place.

But if he changes his mind and transfers to Colorado, that's good too because then you'd come to visit and I could cook him a decent dinner.

Lunasea said...

GAD - could they BE any cuter??? Wow. Dartmouth and Indiana. I would've preferred Oregon, but hey. Aunts don't usually get a say. Why'd he pick Indiana?